On this episode of the Bits 4 You Podcast the Wise Guys are back and this time we are joined by one of our biggest fans. It was great having her on the Bits 4 You Podcast. 

This episode we break down things that interest us across multiple topics and some of those are

Singing the new Bits 4 you theme song, the kitchen sink, Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban dishes. One of us is visiting Cuba, Manual or automatic, Netflix's Triple Frontier, Are their to many Superhero movies? Red Sonja, Vasectomy, Suca La minka, Speaking some Italian words. Religion, Robert De Niro, James Gunn, Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland, one of the Wise guys is crazy about Colombia, Fetishes, Bird Box, movies, Conspiracy's and more.... 

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Sit back grab a cup of coffee or drink (beverage of choice) and enjoy the show.

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Recorded Live on March 16th 2019

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