We are freaking back. You all thought we died or went to another planet well that was all wrong. I, your host (Robert) had a lot going on for the past few months and now is the time for Bits 4 you to return to the podcast community. On this episode the Wise Guys return (minus 1) but we have a new special Guest with us. Christina joins the wise guys on this Valentine's day podcast along with a few traces of Dee thrown in with her thoughts on a few topics.

Some of the things we discuss are:

the bathroom and Farts, Dating in 2019, A classic Valentines day story from the Wise guys, Me too or Me three, How one of the Wiseguys met his girlfriend, Game of Thrones – I want some Dragon Sex, Hentai and Japanese Porn, Mr.  Baseball, beware of guys in bathrobes, Sin Tax in Pennsylvania, the Wall, The Oscars, Norway

Sit back grab a beer (or beverage of choice) and enjoy the show.

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Recorded Live on Feb-09-2019

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